Friday, July 20th, 2018
Venue: Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation
C/ Max Plank, s/n. Isla de la Cartuja
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Rock-But formed in March 2013 after the four members Hafid (guitarist-singer), Hicham (guitarist-singer), Badr (bass-chorus) and Ayoub (drummer-chorus) met. On their journey to explore the diversity offered by the fusion of traditional Moroccan music, reggae, rock and roll, oriental music and funk, they have created their very own musical style. The Rock-But group was formed in Casablanca in March 2013 when its four members Hafid (guitarist-singer), Hicham (guitarist-singer), Badr (bass-chorus) and Ayoub (drummer-chorus) met. Each member of the group has their own musical style and together they exploit this diversity to produce and original and creative style that represents the identity of each group member. Their music revisits the rhythms of Rock, Reggae, Oriental and Funk while at the same time developing a repertoire of traditional music, all in Darija. Rock But won the first prize at the Tremplin 2014 awards, the Contest in 2015 and the Brand Your Moroccan Culture in 2016.

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