Expo Rectorado

From 16th to 22th July, 2018
Venue: University of Seville

Produced and curated by the Fundación Tres Culturas, this exhibition paints the portraits of the lives of Moroccan youths who, from the perspective of their day to day lives as workers or students, enlighten the viewer on their efforts and personal and professional capacities and a lifestyle not very different to that of many citizens of our country.
On the one hand, this photographic narration covers the stories of different Moroccan people who decided to travel to Spain for academic or professional preparation and who have now returned to Morocco to persue their dreams of working in their homeland. The images transport us to the day to day life of these men and women, from businesspeople to social workers, who break the stigma of a generation of emigrants and show us Morocco’s most hopeful future.

And on the other hand, like the reverse side of a two-way story, the ‘New Morocco’ exhibition presents a visual tale which allows the viewer to approach the world of young Moroccan students who travelled to Andalucía, leaving their families behind them, to attend university in southern Spain and thus continue their academic training.

The images and texts that make up this audio-visual display reveal these students’ motivation and aspirations but also, as is the case for many Andalucian students, the nostalgia caused by finding themselves far from home.

The ‘New Morocco’ exhibition is the result of two photographic displays, ‘Faces of the new Morocco’ and ‘Seeds of the new Morocco’ which have been an important part of the Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterraneo’s cultural agenda since 2012 and were conceived as part of the European project MENARA.

It has visited a number of important centres and institutions on an extensive itinerary:

Fundación Euroárabe in Granada, Andalucia’s Radio and Television station provincial centres in Jaén, Cádiz, Granada, Almería and Málaga, the Cervantes Institutes in Tangier and Tétouan, the Museum of Cádiz, El Molino in the Monument of the Alcazar of Jerez, the Castle of Guzmán the Good in Tarifa, the Fabrica de la Luz Centre in Chiclana, the Castle of San Romualdo in San Fernando. ….

Following this journey, it returns to Sevilla to the best possible backdrop, WOCMES 2018. And it does so with an aim to raise awareness of the circumstances surrounding migratory movements between the north of Morocco and southern Andalucía as well as a goal of making room for reflection on the presence and lives of Moroccan citizens in Andalucía.

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