From 18/11/2017 to 21/11/2017

As part of the celebration of the 51st annual meeting of the MESA association, which will take place between 18th and 21st November, part of the team of Three Cultures in charge of organizing the 5th edition of the international congress WOCMES (to be held in Seville between 16th and 22nd July 2018) will be responsible for presenting and promoting it before the congressmen and guests of the prestigious association.

The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) is a private non-profit organization that brings together academics, educators and interested people from around the world in the study of the region. MESA is mainly concerned with the area covering Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan and the countries of the Arab world. Other regions, such as Spain, South-Eastern Europe, China and the former Soviet Union, are also included for periods in which their territories were under the influence of Middle Eastern civilization.

At the meeting, which will be held at the Wardman Park Hotel, among the more than 230 academic sessions and events planned in the program, The Tres Culturas Foundation will have the opportunity to promote the WOCMES congress before a public of experts, potential participants in our meeting next year in Seville.

In addition, members of the WOCMES International Advisory Board -which meets within the framework of the meeting- will be informed of the progress in the preparation of the congress, both in its academic and cultural aspects.

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